Over the years Mack Deens has built up a really comprehensive Machine Shop, so whatever you need, 99% of the time we can get it repaired to the highest standards, because we do the work ourselves. In the early days we had to rely on other suppliers, which just didn't work for us, we wanted to offer a service like no one else, and there was no way we could offer a guaranteed estimate for our customers when we weren't being offered the same. So very early on we decided to build a complete machine shop. This now means that we can do everything in house and hold the guaranteed estimated job rates given to you the customer. Here are just some of the main services we offer and remember we also work on diesel vehicles:

   After tires, brakes are the most important part of your vehicle, no point getting your car or truck running well, when it won't stop when you want it to. So if you want to bring your vehicle to us for s check, we'll happily check them, at no fee, and try to give you an idea of when they could need checking again, but if they need doing we'll give you our guaranteed estimate for the job. 

   Diagnostics, this was often known as a 'tune up', but with vehicles these days they are so full of computer chips we can now run a full diagnostic on your car or tuck to check everything is 100%. We run the very latest 'Snap On' Diagnostic tester on the market, so we can check even the newest vehicles. 

   Problems with your electric, battery not charging, electric windows playing up, whatever your issue we can get it resolved 

   Get us to check your radiator especially with winter coming, although we are in South GA, it still gets cold, and attention in time can save money big time. If you have a problem with your radiator we can generally get it resolved pretty quickly, with most replacements being usually delivered next day. 

   Both front and rear suspension have there own issues and needs to be checked, because if a problem is left, thinking a little rattle here or there will go away, it won't, and the sooner you check it out the more you'll save in the long run. This all adds up, a ball joint repair is nothing to the ball joint, new tires, and badly worn brakes! 

   With early attention to transmission & clutch issues, can also save money big time, so if you have an issue, an odd noise or way your vehicle acts, talk to us, with years of experience we can have a look and hopefully save you money.

Mack Deens 806 J. Street, Waycross GA 31501   Tel: 912 283 8625   Free Phone: 1 800 293 9367